The world is your canvas: 7 places you should visit to get the shot of a lifetime!

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Photography is one of the most creative activities you can take up as a hobby. It is a form of art that makes the world your canvas. Considering your lens as your eyes, you have the power to turn any ordinary moment into a beautiful memory.

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This world is full beautiful places that you can find extremely wonderful for photography and we can help you find a few of them. So, take out your camera toolkit and get ready to find the most amazing places you can go for beautiful photography.

  1. Venice, Italy
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Chic, regal, and enchanting are some of the adjectives you can use with Venice. What you’ll find here is a history of lush culture, fine cuisine and love vibes. History defines Venice as a place of power, wealth, and love and they are what make it one of the most visited places in the world.

For your photography affair, there is nothing better a place to shoot than the world-famous gondolas on the Grand Canal.

  1. Machu Picchu, Peru

Had it not been for Hiram Bingham, who discovered the place in 1911, a magnificent paradise would have been lost forever. Machu Picchu, which means an old person, is the most iconic location of the Inca civilization. Its polished dry-stone walls in classic Inca style that makes it a good attraction for shutterbugs.

  1. Monte Sano State Park, Alabama

Monte Sano is a Spanish name for “Mountain of Health”. The name aptly suits the place for its mineral springs, fresh air, and gorgeous views. It is an ideal place for family vacations, reunions, weddings and business meetings. The place offers 20 miles of hiking trails.

Native azaleas blossom along these trails in spring. There is also a camp store, primitive campground, and 89 improved campsites. All these provide amazingly wonderful views to capture in the camera eyes.

  1. Antarctica

The best thing about a place like Antarctica is that there is no end to its beauty. It is a real catch for adventurers and explorers. The stunning mountain ranges, turquoise icebergs, freezing glaciers and the deep blue sky are all things that add to the intensity of life of this place.

So, you can take several spectacular shots on this panoramic place that looks beautiful at any time of the day.

  1. Lake Clark, Alaska

There’s a huge amount of fun that awaits you at Alaska’s Lake Clarke. You can closely get a snapshot of a grizzly bear ripping a salmon. It is part of the Lake Clark National Park and Preserve. The place is known for splendid rainforests, gigantic mountain ranges and breath-taking rivers that would make wonderful shots for your holiday album.

  1. Stonehenge, England

The iconic standing stone monuments in England are some of the timeless treasures of the history. They may have been around for about 5000 years but they still look as wonderful as they were in the past.

By far the most captivating moment on this site is when the sunlight passes through across the face of Salisbury Plain. So you have a good chance of taking a shot of your lifetime. All you need to do is to wait for the right time to get that perfect shot.

  1. White Sands, New Mexico

If the name of the location doesn’t tantalize your imagination then let us unravel the beauty of this place. Unlike any other deserts, White Sands is not composed of quartz and rather it is made up of gypsum and calcium sulfate which gives it that stunning look.

The site offers a fabulous view in the night, especially when you can see a full moon. The presence of Gypsum in the sand makes the sand glow at night which is worth a click.

The above-mentioned are 7 of the best places you can take a wonderful shot. If you know any more places, let us know in the comments section.



Author: Corey Peterson

Corey Peterson is a camera enthusiast who loves traveling the world to get the best shots. Moreover, he is an experienced academic consultant at an essay writing service. He is also a blogger and loves giving insights into photography and its various facets.