Viking designs Omnidesk with 15 functions including bed, coffee machine, exercise bike

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Office Supplies company Viking has designed what it claims is ‘the most life-changing desk in the world’ – featuring a built-in bed, breakfast bar and coffee machine – called The Omnidesk.

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The desk is intended to help boost comfort and productivity in the workplace, and was designed using employee feedback.

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Almost half of all British workers do overtime at least once a week – which can lead to excessive stress. To combat the effects of overtime on employees, Viking has worked closely with its global workforce to compile the ultimate list of desk features to make every workplace more relaxing, comfortable, and productive.


The desk includes a host of time-saving and productivity focused hardware, such as self-watering plants, a “do-not disturb light”, wireless charging and Bluetooth. It also includes a coffee machine, clothes drying rack, and an exercise bike.


The full list of features includes:

  • a built-in bed for naps;
  • a breakfast bar with toaster and bread warmer;
  • a built-in coffee machine;
  • an induction heated coaster;
  • an exercise bike;
  • a “do not disturb” light;
  • a drinks cooler;
  • self-watering plants;
  • a clothes drying rack;
  • a dual fan and heater;
  • a clutter drawer which is also a wireless device charger;
  • a password protected storage compartment;
  • mood lighting;
  • a work-break alarm;
  • and a recycling bin.

Ruud Linders, Marketing Manager Europe at Viking, said:

“47% of all UK workers do overtime at least once a week – with many doing more. Early starts and late finishes have become the norm in many workplaces, so we decided that we couldn’t just watch and let workers suffer. If workers can’t go home, then we’ll bring a little home to the office.”