Union Gallery to host Keith Epps’ Dark Arcadias solo show

Union Gallery, Edinburgh

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Union Gallery is delighted to announce the long overdue first solo exhibition of paintings by Edinburgh-based artist, Keith Epps. The Dark Arcadias show will run at Union Gallery, Edinburgh, from 6th March – 1st April this spring.

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A technical painter of the highest order, Epps experiments at great length to discover the perfect finish and texture to each painting – leading to work of outstanding quality and beauty. And yet there is more to these highly representational landscapes than meets the eye. Keith Epps creates paintings that are certainly beautiful – almost bucolic some may think – but further inspection shows us a far deeper, more subversive world. For Epps’ current interests lie within the theme of Et in Arcadia Ego – where the dark and painful exist within the light and beautiful. For him, these ideas had their genesis in watching the 1990’s Yugoslav wars on television, finding it hard to reconcile those ghastly events with such a beautiful setting. And so, amongst the perfectly created trees, hills and farm animals there are darker forces at work – dead bodies hiding under a bush; a lonely figure wading into a lake for unexplained reasons; the burnt out carcass of a military vehicle leaving a brutal scar on its beautiful home.

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Keith Epps may be a relative unknown in the Scottish arts scene, but this exhibition firmly puts him on the map as an artist we should all be watching. Born in London, he was brought up in Edinburgh from an early age. Epps studied Drawing and Painting at Edinburgh College of Art 1973-77.


Post-college, he briefly door-stepped for house-drawing commissions and, during the next decade, produced figurative work that reflected his personal fears, doubts, and anxieties. After a successful career in furniture restoration, he resumed his career in painting in 2007. The subject range has widened, but he has maintained his strong attachment to representational work, using oil paint or watercolour. He has become a regular contributor to the annual RSA, VAS and SSA exhibitions. Keith Epps lives and works in Edinburgh.

Union Gallery is located at 45 Broughton Street, Edinburgh, and can be phoned on 0131 556 7707.

Union Gallery, Edinburgh