“Show the world what you can do and keep on drawing without any hesitation” – illustrator Cami on starting out

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Over the past eight years, illustrator Cami has worked on projects for clients such as Dorling Kindersley, Computer Arts Projects, Sims Snowboards, Knight Studio, Gowalla, Seimens, and the BBC.

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I’m a freelance illustrator and I’ve recently relocated to Bucharest after living in the UK for six years and travelling for two years. I’ve been working freelance for the past eight years after graduating from the University of Art in Transylvania.

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I’ve started off by doing a lot of personal work and promoting it through social media which is still helpful to getting new clients.

Even though I prefer to just draw, I realised how important self promotion is to getting work. So show the world what you can do and keep on drawing without any hesitation. Also getting in touch with agencies and connecting with fellow illustrators is a great way to getting feedback.

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I’ve worked for interactive and design agencies while working on side projects for magazines and creating vector stock images.

It all starts on paper then onto my computer where I draw with a tablet in Photoshop. For some projects which require vector work I use Illustrator too.

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Usually I sketch a few first ideas to get me going and then I combine all sketches, but a lot of times I keep trying different ways until I get to the right idea I want to draw.

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My dream is to do more editorial work for some of the well established magazines like New York TImes, The Guardian.

Learn more about Cami on her website.