Word-processing apps for tablets: the lowdown

tablet word processing: writing on an ipad or android tablet

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As the popularity of iPads and Android devices increases and people start to look for ways to work whilst on the move, we are seeing more and more word processing apps emerge to help fulfil this need. Here is the pick of some of the best text-editors on the market to help you choose one that works for you.

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Documents To Go

Documents to go: for editing Word docs and Office docs on ipadThis app is considered to be one of the best text-editing softwares on the market and is definitely one of the most notable. Documents To Go handles Microsoft documents with ease, allowing users to work on Word, PowerPoint and Excel files on its simple-to-use interface. The word count is constantly displayed and for added security the app is password protected. One benefit that this app has over many others is its ability to handle PDF documents, although unfortunately this feature isn’t available on the free download. It works well in partnership with Google Drive (although annoyingly not Dropbox) to sync files to your PC, although this does require a USB back up so isn’t completely hassle-free. Although expensive, this app is reliable and secures documents safely allowing for a simple document-editing experience.

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*Available for iOS (£11.99), Android (£9.25) and Blackberry (£11.50).

iA Writer

IA_Writer_LogoOne of the most impressive things about this app is its temptingly cheap price- costing just 69p for the complete download. The entire focus of the app is to rid the user from any form of distraction and comes in the guise of a blank piece of paper. Despite the simplicity of its design, its features have been intelligently created to maximise the user’s productivity. Extra punctuation keys have been added to the keyboard and punctuation shortcuts have also been included to make creating and editing a document quicker and more simple. The app does provide the option to blur out everything on the screen except the line you’re writing, but this doesn’t necessarily make life easier when it comes to editing the document as a whole. Luckily this is only optional and can be easily switched off. The best thing about this app is that it can connect to both Dropbox and iCloud, allowing you to send your files back and forth between your PC and tablet. Overall this app is a complete surprise. If you’re looking for a cheap, gimmick-free word processor which is created solely for writing and editing then this is exactly what you need.

*Available for iOS (69p).

Smart Office 2

smart-office-2Smart Office 2 is one of the few word processing apps around that work for both iOS and Android devices, so it immediately earns bonus points for that. Unlike the iA Writer its interface is a lot more flamboyant, almost to the point where it becomes complicated. A lot of the icons are unexplained and there is no help guide to define their function which means that you may need to do a lot of playing around before choosing the icon you need. The plus is that it works with both Dropbox and Box.com to sync your tablet with your PC, allowing for easy file distribution between the two machines. You can use Smart Office 2 to view all files and you can also create new documents that will work with Office. As an added gem there is also a pinch zoom feature than can be used on all files opened in the app. In conclusion, this app works really well when creating and viewing files and has many small features that market it as a decent word processing product, but the interface is a little bit too complex to deem it as an easy-to-use piece of software.

* Available for iOS (£6.99) and Android (£7.74).

Kingsoft Office 5.3.2

Kingsoft-Office-IconThis is a completely free word processing app that is really gaining in popularity and is a definite rival to the text-editors that you have to pay for. It works with Google Drive and Dropbox so caters for many Cloud users which, for a free software, is pretty impressive. Emailed documents of any format can be opened and will work in the app and it doesn’t seem to have any problem with larger PowerPoint files. The downside to this app is its unattractive interface. The keypad looks dull and bulky and its toolbar is very basic. But to be honest it’s free, and you can’t say fairer than that for something that works in spite of what it looks like.

* Available for Android (Free).