Noho Studios to show Emma Elliot’s Reconciliation

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Noho Studios on Great Titchfield Street has announced that it will show Emma Elliot’s Reconciliation exhibition on 2nd-4th December 2016.

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At the core of Reconciliation is a sculpture inspired by Emma Elliott’s visit to Israel’s Holocaust museum in 2012 and subsequent visits to Auschwitz and Jerusalem. Reconciliation is the artist’s response to the suffering humans inflict on one another and is a visual interpretation of reconciling two Jews by sharing their respective wounds in a single object.

Despite its obvious references to Christian and Jewish history, the sculpture is not to be interpreted in a purely religious context. Its theme of remembrance and survival is relevant to people of any or no faith: Reconciliation invites us to reflect and consider our role in a world increasingly dominated by inhumanity and indifference.  It provides an antidote to headlines monopolised by callous politicians, news of civil conflict and an ongoing global refugee crisis.

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Emma Elliott is a British artist whose central concerns are the incongruous and hypocritical aspects of humanity. Classically trained in painting and figurative sculpting both in the UK and Italy, her excellence in craftsmanship and technique is matched by a fearless questioning of ideologies, religion, ancient and modern society – the universe.

The London launch of Reconciliation coincides with the introduction of Emma’s first limited edition for digital art platform Sedition.  The exhibition will then move to New York where it will be on show for the month of March 2017.

Noho Studios is at 46 Great Titchfield Street, London W1W 7QA.