MelbourneStyle Gallery to show Anonymity exhibition of data visualisation on gender division

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Melbourne, Australia’s MelbourneStyle Gallery is to show Anonymity: Measuring the visibility of women in design, an exhibition of data visualisation by designer and researcher Jane Connory and artist Tess Gard-Munnings.

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The show will run from 17 to 25 February 2917 at 155 Clarendon Street, South Melbourne VIC 3205.

Data visualisation is a powerful tool for revealing divisions of gender. ‘Anonymity’ plays with levels of visibility in the materiality of print mediums to examine the ratios of female to male winners in the Australian Graphic Design Association’s (AGDA) awards. Similarly, it repurposes the craft of weaving to interpreting this same data set in a piece of interactive feminist generative art.

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Celebrating the importance of women in the history of design and contesting the validity of awards systems, this installation by designer and researcher Jane Connory and artist Tess Gard-Munnings, challenges the idealised anonymity of the designer and juxtaposes it against the exposure of peer recognition.

Experience this cross over of generative art, collaborative design practices and the play of texture and light. The installation seeks to start a conversation about women in the design profession and explore the feminist issues that obscure the visibility of women in Australian graphic design.

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