How iPad monitoring helps organise and manage your mobile workforce

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There’s no doubt that managing a mobile workforce requires more dedication and stricter management strategies. The reason for this is that many modern day managers have turned towards the use of a “Virtual Business Promoter”.

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With this software, the marketing and sales team members can send messages to numerous potential and regular customer. However, with the benefits of using such apps, risks of losing face in the public become higher because the pressure to make sure there are no slip ups increases.

Social media like Facebook and Twitter serve as a great platform for brand marketing but even the slightest mistake can tarnish the image of any business with lasting effects. Therefore, as a precaution, iPad monitoring to screen messages and other activities of the virtual workforce can help in numerous ways.

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Prep for iPad monitoring

Upon hiring, you must give each team member a company issued iPad and install the appropriate app that will facilitate monitoring them remotely. Monitoring a device “remotely” means that you don’t have to have the target device in hand to see what any specific person is doing with the device. You can see almost everything from the control panel, where the dashboard has some useful monitoring features at your disposal.

Survey your app options

When you search the online app market for employee management apps, you may come across apps that offer specific features and those have multiple functionalities. For example, Toodledo is a productivity management tool with which managers can plan things to do, take notes, make custom lists, track habits, collaborate with coworkers, and create a structured outline. Xnspy is another app with multiple monitoring features. It allows users to screen SMS, emails, photos, videos, screen Facebook messenger, and other IM chats via WhatsApp, Skype, Viber, Kik, and Line, and track workers through GPS tracking and Geofencing.

Besides these, you may have checked our list of five useful productivity apps for organising your work.

Six monitoring features virtual businesses need

Screen SMS

Although conversing with customers and sending text messages out to inform masses about businesses and upcoming events or discounts is a new and very effective marketing strategy, you need to inculcate a sense of caution in your team members. You can offer them training to make sure that they follow specific instructions about how the message must be, what words to avoid and what pitch to use.

Scheduling tasks and reminders

One of the first most important aspects of managing a virtual workforce is to keep every member up-to-date and informed about tasks to do and the completed tasks. Through the calendar on the iPads of every employee, you can make sure people are following schedules. If there are important seminars or workshops that you want your team to attend, you can make sure they include them on their planner. By remotely checking their calendar entries regularly, you can make sure and remind them if they’ve missed setting an important reminder.

Plan movements strategically

If your business is one that has numerous mobile workers roaming around the area in search of customers, e.g. a fleet business, or you offer home services and your team is on the go around the clock, then you need to plan their movements strategically. You must maximise fuel expense and save cost by using GPS tracking to know their exact location so that you can send the vehicle closest to the customer’s address. This not only saves cost but also makes your services have a quick turnaround time and helps create a good reputation for your business.

Observe email correspondences

Sometimes, employees who use the Gmail app on the go tend to mix work with personal emails. The negative impact of this is that they mistakenly or intentionally compromise the company’s secrets. Besides, sometimes, disgruntled employees deliberately email company secrets to competitors due to a personal vendetta.

Access browser history

Employers would want to know if their mobile workforce is actually on the go or sitting somewhere and using the browser for leisure. Of course, you would be paying for the mobile data the device uses so that you can stay in touch with your team members, and you need closure by knowing that they are not abusing the resources you provide. Through XNSPY and similar apps, you can keep track of the target device’s internet history and see how frequently the person visits sites, even bookmarked sites.

Block apps

Since downloading free apps are too easy, people never hesitate to play games while they are idle. However, a company issued cell phone is not for playing games. Through iPad monitoring, you can make sure that the mobile workforce avoids misusing the device by playing games. You can remotely block unwanted apps even if your employees install them.

It’s clear enough that by adopting a monitoring app for your mobile workforce, you can organise and manage things better. You can create a proper work culture where people are accountable and share trust with each other.