Duplex Gallery to show Sarah Gee Miller’s The Spectacle and the Spectre

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Duplex Gallery has announced that it is to host Vancouver based artist, Sarah Gee Miller for its last exhibition of the year.

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Working with archival cardstock, styrene, and acrylic paint Sarah makes collages revealing a regularity, equilibrium, and formalities of hard-edged abstraction. The superimposition of vibrant colour and mathematically-derived forms results in what she calls an utopian geometry – that is, acknowledging there is rationality and clarity alongside the magical properties of symmetry and beauty.

Finding balance and harmony between shape and color, her hypnotizing works conjure dreamlike impressions of art from around the world, delving back into the most basic and primal visual concepts artistically conceived and symbolically interpreted by our ancestors.

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Duplex is a contemporary art gallery in Portland, Oregon. The exhibition will run from 3rd November to 2nd December 2016.