The best UK cities for creative jobs

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You’ve graduated in a creative subject, and are beginning to think about how and where you can go next in order to begin your professional life. Despite the often-negative press surrounding creative jobs and the arts in today’s financial climate, there are many cities in the UK in which careers in the creative field are blooming (And no, you don’t have to relocate to London if you don’t want to.) Here are some of the best UK cities for those of us in search of creative jobs, where jobs are available, creativity is present and life is generally good.

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Liverpool is nicknamed The Pool of Life, and for good reason. It is a vibrant city that draws all sorts of industries as well as friendly and creative people. Locals are known for being extremely warm and having great senses of humor, creating a great environment for creative minds to come together in a positive environment. Liverpool is home to over 7,000 creative and digital firms. The city also has one of the largest economies in the UK, in fact it has also the fastest growing Economy in the country– beating cities like London and Manchester.


Manchester was recently ranked as UK’s second-best place to do business. It is often joked to be the place where it never stops raining but yes, those in Manchester do see the sun. Coupled with its rich cultural heritage and music and art scene, it is no surprise that businesses and people from all over have been drawn to the city. There are digital agencies popping up all over (along with a thriving tech scene) creating a new wave of creative roles in interesting companies.

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Cardiff has the sea, friendly locals and creative vibes throughout the entire city. It has also recently been ranked as the happiest place to live and work for young people in the UK. There are now many young graduates moving to Wales in order to score on the various available jobs in Cardiff up for grabs. This city is the UK’s largest media centre outside of London, houses media giants including BBC Wales and S4C, and now even has the Centre for the Creative Industries specifically for those in creative roles.

Newcastle upon Tyne

Newcastle upon Tyne is the most northern City in England. The city got its start as an important wool trading center and later a major coal mining area. Nowadays, the city has a thriving economy and has a full range of industries. The creative space is a rapidly developing, with the industry building around it and freelance professionals being drawn to the city for both work and life opportunities. Newcastle is particularly attractive to creative working in tech ad some of the countries biggest tech companies, as well as a whole load of start-ups keen to cash in on all that this city has to offer.


Birmingham, fondly called Brum, has become quite the bustling city in recent years. It was once strictly known for its industrial ways, but has since shaken the industrial reputation. The city has canals winding through the city and hidden gems throughout. With so many people flocking to this city, it has a transformative vibe going, relaying into inspirational and creative job opportunities. Under 25s actually make up 40% of the city’s population, and it is incredibly multi-cultural which has created a kind of creative whirlwind in Birmingham.

Of course depending on your field, and if you are looking to work for a company or set-up on your own, there are many places not mentioned in this list that may well be the perfect starting ground for your creative career. Along with the digital revolution there are so many new and exciting creative roles available even within the business world, it’s a good idea to look into jobs that might not have originally occurred to you- be creative!