“Persevere, and if someone knocks you down, shrug your shoulders and continue” – illustrator Marc Bingham

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Illustrator Marc Bingham has worked freelance alongside another career for three years. He graduated from Manchester Metropolitan University in 2006 with a BA Hons in Illustration with Animation.

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I have worked for a variety of clients over years from, apparel design to website design making money on a contractual/freelance basis.  I now make money through my collection at Wallsauce.com of which I gain a royalty payment for each sale. It’s an interesting method and I have really begun to understand the value of good design.

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Over the years since graduating in 2006 I have done most of my artwork outside of my employment, in my own time.  I worked a few different types of jobs until I decided to dedicate myself to design and move things forward. Initially I started getting clients with an interest in apparel design. Printed clothing was becoming very popular at the time and I think my style fit into that category quite well, being mostly digital. I eventually gained a fulltime career in bespoke wall mural design and large format print.

I have learned a lot about digital processes and styles and more recently leant a lot more about print processes, especially for large format print.  One area I excel at is recognizing an images potential for large format and its limitations.

I usually begin with a sketch or few sketches and continue into illustrator from there. I sometimes add extra detail in Photoshop such as painting techniques and lighting.

I have a space at my home for all Things Twisted Pixels Illustration and would love to one day expand it into something bigger but right now I work fulltime for Wallsauce.com as Business Design Manager and Image Coordinator.

My advice for others is: Persevere, and if someone knocks you down, shrug your shoulders and continue. Some of life’s best lessons are learnt from mistakes and I think design has its fair share of those! Always listen to advice from superiors and take criticism positively.

In the future I would love to expand Twisted Pixels Illustration into a store/brand name and maybe turn it into a professional Illustration Agency. I think it will be a unique brand with ability to take a client brief and do something truly unique with it. Other than that I would aspire to be in a Creative Directors role at some stage in the (near) future.

Learn more about Marc on the Twisted Pixels website.