Gaynor O’Flynn exhibition ‘Pilgrimage’ to show at India Habitat Centre and Kathmandu International Art Fair

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Gaynor O’Flynn is a cross-disciplinary artist best known for her groundbreaking work at the intersection of sound, art and technology. She describes herself as a nomad, both physically and in terms of her artistic practice.

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‘Pilgrimage’ is a retrospective exhibition based on the artist’s extensive personal pilgrimages undertaken at the end of the last century.  The resulting body of work documents the philosophy at the core of her life and art practice –  the reinterpretation of ancient wisdom for the digital age.

Gaynor’s work has featured on the BBC, C4, Canal+ and National Geographic.  She has performed and exhibited globally in locations as remote as Benin and Easter Island for partners including UNESCO and the British Council.  In 2015 she launched Artists For Nepal at La Biennale di Venezia in association with Venice Agendas.

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‘Pilgrimage’ launches at The Experimental Art Gallery in Delhi’s prestigious India Habitat Centre from 18 to 26 February before moving to the Kathmandu International Art Fair from 24 March to 9 April 2017.

Drawing from her extensive catalogue of sound, image and text the exhibition features moving image, art prints, vinyl and a fine art book presented as limited editions.

Gaynor O’Flynn is an award winning film maker and embeds film and technology in her art practice. She has developed applications that turn her brainwaves, voice and body into light. Past commissions include Art 15, Istanbul Performance Festival, Kinetica Art Fair and LSO St Luke’s. Gaynor has worked with artists and luminaries including Turner Prize winners Martin Creed and Richard Long, Bjork, PJ Harvey, New Order, The Verve and the Dalai Lama.

Gaynor founded Beinghuman in 2000 and has collaborated with over 1,000 artists both on location globally and in her East London warehouse. Her collective brings together artists who share a belief in the power of art for inner and outer change. She campaigns for artists’ rights and has addressed millions globally.